Relationship Intelligence
By Dave & Linda RoederIn this textbook, you will find answers to the most common relationship questions and solutions to the most prevalent relationship problems. This book includes a basic course in Relationship Skills followed by tracks in Marriage and Family Skills. 216 Pages.

Relationship Intelligence: $40

Uprighting Relationships
By Linda RoederLearn practical relational keys that will bring hope and enable you to please God and to bring Him joy in every relationship.

Uprighting Relationships: $13

Come as a Child
By Linda RoederGain a fresh perspective of life and your relationship with God as you look through the eyes of a child.

Come As A Child: $12

The Intimate Marriage
By Dave and Linda RoederA workbook for engaged or married couples who desire increased intimacy in their relationship with God and with one another. May be used as a self help workbook by couples who want to strengthen their marriage. May also be used by a couple who are meeting with a counselor or minister to prepare for marriage, or to strengthen or heal a relationship. Topics include God’s order, purpose, and design for marriage, praying together, communication and conflict resolution skills, budgeting, long range planning, and sexuality, Two workbooks needed per couple.

The Intimate Marriage: $15

Ministry Manual
By Dave and Linda RoederThe MINISTRY MANUAL is for use in biblical ministry to engaged or married couples. The principles included are designed to establish a strong foundation for a Christ-centered relationship or to restore a broken relationship, Topics included are: God’s order, purpose, and design for marriage, praying together, communication and conflict resolution skills, budgeting, long range planning, sexuality, divorce, separation, restoration of trust, and a wealth of information for the minister who is leading the sessions. The second half of the Ministry Manual is the Intimate Marriage, a copy of the workbook used by your ministry receivers.

Ministry Manual: $25

By Dave and Linda RoederA workbook for people who desire greater intimacy with God and with others. Written in a format appropriate for individuals (single or married), teens or adults. It also includes optional exercises for groups (families, churches, businesses, elder groups, church leaders, etc.) who may chose to complete the workbook together.

Relationship: $15

Relationships: Keys for Success
By Dave and Linda RoederThis workbook will provide you with simple, powerful, practical skills that will strengthen your own relationships and equip you to help others by

  • Impacting relationships.
  • Strengthening marriages.
  • Transforming families.
This workbook will equip you to be a light in the world and to train others to reach their community, offering hope to others through practical Christianity. You will learn skills that meet the most commonly encountered relationship problems.

Relationship Keys For Success: $10

Principles of Practice
By Dave and Linda RoederThis book will help you to design a handbook for use by your counseling or lay ministry department. It covers lines of communication, standards, confidentiality policy, organizational chart, policy for reporting urgent issues, and referral policy. It also includes many sample forms, including waivers, ministry notes form, application for ministry training, assessments, and evaluations.

Principals of Practice: $20